DARIO DAINELLIThe Man behind the Wine

Cantina Dainelli was born from Dario’s deep passion for his land and for wine. A love that grew over time, through years of hard work, ideas and expectations that recall the ground, grapes and bottles filled with perseverance. A second life, rich in enthusiasm.

A love that grew over time,
through years of hard work, ideas DARIO DAINELLI

DiscoverOur Wine

Cantina Dainelli’s research does not aim to perfection, but to the enhancement of peculiarities


  • PalateUn vino complesso, con una grande freschezza, una piacevole mineralità e una spiccata sapidità
  • NoseIntense, it immediately expresses a strong grassy note that gradually gives way to a distinct succession of fruity notes such as black cherry, blueberry, raspberry and an extremely elegant dried rosehip
  • FOOD PAIRINGSFirst courses with white meat sauces, grilled red meat.


  • PalateAl palato troviamo un carattere molto strutturato, quasi arrogante, fa subito capire che è un vino nato per durare nel tempo.
  • NoseL’olfazione è un’esperienza continua: inizialmente presenti note di frutta sottoforma di marmellata che poi lasciano spazio ad un potpourri dove spiccano la rosa rossa, la cannella ed anche alcune note di arancia rossa candita.
  • FOOD PAIRINGSFirst courses with long-cooking sauces, stewed game dishes.


  • PalateUna struttura di tutto rispetto che si fa subito sentire, corposo ma al contempo molto morbido, un ottimo livello di acidità che ci rimarca la sua vocazione a vino da invecchiamento.
  • NoseMolto intenso, si presenta con una inebriante selezione di note fruttate molto mature, spiccano i frutti di bosco e di rovo, gradualmente si fanno strada la cannella ed il chiodo di garofano elegantemente sostenute da una componente balsamica che ricorda l’eucalipto e che dona rotondità all’impronta alcolica non trascurabile.
  • FOOD PAIRINGSFirst courses with structured sauces, stewed red and white meats that don’t require prolonged cooking, grilled game, stewed oily fish.


  • PalateVery pleasant, thanks to its aromatic notes and delicate perlage.
  • NoseRecognisable aromas of bread deriving from the Ancestral Method processing, with hints of peach and citrus notes
  • FOOD PAIRINGSOttimo per l’aperitivo. Adatto a cibi non troppo impegnativi, come i secondi a base di carne di maiale. Può anche essere un valido sostituto della birra con la pizza.


  • PalateUn vino complesso, con una grande freschezza, una piacevole mineralità e una spiccata sapidità.
  • NoseAromas reminiscent of white flowers, grassy hints with notes of white-fleshed fruit on the nose.
  • FOOD PAIRINGSAn excellent aperitif wine for those who prefer still wines to spumante. It pairs well with all fish dishes, including raw fish, and is an excellent accompaniment to delicate first and second courses.


The wine production area of Cantina Dainelli

• we are located in Cerreto Guidi, at an average height of 150 meters above sea level.
• the area covers about 3 hectares of vineyards
• in the Cerreto area, the main variety is Sangiovese for almost all of the extension, except for a small part of Malvasia Nera Toscana (Tempranillo)
• on the Giglio Island, we harvest the Ansonica variety.

INTRODUCINGThe Grapes varietals


One of the most widely grown black grape variety in our country and the most widespread in Tuscany. It has medium leaf, the berry is medium to large and the skin is purplish. In the right conditions, it gives fine wines that can mature over time, with hints of small red berries to which can be added those of the wood. At Cantina Dainelli we have chosen 3 different clones of Sangiovese, highly qualitative and widely used in Chianti and the reason is that we do not want to give up on the polyclonal nature of Sangiovese.


Black grape vine native to the eastern part of the Mediterranean. It has medium leaf, medium spheroidal berry, thick skin and bluish-black colour. Sweet and fortified wines with an intense and pleasant flavour are made from this grape variety. At Cantina Dainelli we use Malvasia Nera, added to Sangiovese.


Black grape variety grown in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. It has medium-small leaf, medium-small berry, and black-purple skin. Its origin is remote and many believe it to be indigenous to the Valdarno hills, probably derived from the selection and domestication of some wild vines. From Colorino vinified in purity we obtain a wine of intense ruby red colour, fruity aroma, complex, fine, good acid and tannic.


White grape variety native to Sicily (Inzolia vine) and grown precisely in the south and on islands. It has medium-sized leaf and berry, amber-yellow skin. Vinified in purity, it gives a straw-yellow wine with greenish reflections and intense, enveloping aromas in which tones of fresh and unripe fruit, herbaceous, mineral, balsamic and an important savouriness can be recognized. We take it from the seaside vineyards of Giglio Island to produce the only white wine of the line: the SBRONZA.

The wine for meCantina Dainelli

When you decide to open a bottle of good wine, you already have the desire to live a special moment.
It’s an emotion, a sort of ritual, research of a state of wellness. This is wine, for me.

It is with this purpose that I started the production: not with the presumption to produce a super wine, but with the dream of conveying this feeling to anyone who decide to uncork this bottle.

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