Dario DainelliThe wine for me

When you decide to open a bottle of good wine, you already have the desire to live a special moment. 

It’s an emotion, a sort of ritual, research of a state of wellness.

This is wine, for me.

It is with this purpose that I started the production: not with the presumption to produce a super wine, but with the dream of conveying this feeling to anyone who decide to uncork this bottle.


Cantina Dainelli was born from Dario’s deep passion for his land and for wine. A love that grew over time, through years of hard work, ideas and expectations that recall the ground, grapes and bottles filled with perseverance. A second life, rich in enthusiasm.

Today Cantina Dainelli is an experience that aims to convey message of authenticity and craftsmanship. It is family, an intimate project created at home for the family. Between the new and the memory, between innovation and tradition, between ambition and moderation. Cantina Dainelli, nestled among the rolling hills near Cerreto Guidi knows for the Chianti appellation and the terraces overlooking the sea of Giglio Island, aims to be a small but well-maintained winery.


Cantina Dainelli is not just a brand, it’s place. Here the nature and land dictate not only the timing, but also the different identities of the products. 

Cantina Dainelli’s research does not aim to perfection, but to the enhancement of peculiarities. The result is wines that are not uniform, but recognizable. At Cantina Dainelli wine is irony, sharing, custom. Uncorking a bottle gives rise to a new emotion that pervades your daily life.


L’area di produzione vinicola di Cantina Dainelli

  • we are located in Cerreto Guidi, at an average height of 150 meters above sea level.
  • the area covers about 3 hectares of vineyards
  • in the Cerreto area, the main variety is Sangiovese for almost all of the extension, except for a small part of Malvasia Nera Toscana (Tempranillo)
  • on the Giglio Island, we harvest the Ansonica variety.

We harvest the Ansonica variety on terraces of dry stone walls overlooking the sea, among limestone and sandy soils, accessible only on foot through steep paths. The grape harvest is manual and yields are moderate, but our Ansonica is dense with aromas, those of the sea and wind that give it unique minerality and sapidity.

The soil of Cerreto Guidi is composed of a typical Tuscan highly clayey soil called mattaione, on which vineyards are often grown. It is characterized by little skeleton, but has a very strong presence of shells and calcium carbonate: that “salt” that gives the wines their elegance.

The Grapes varietals

The Grapes varietals


When you decide to open a bottle of good wine, you already have the desire to live a special moment. Dario Dainelli